BBNaija 2019 Update – The Rift / Reconciliation

Following the disagreement that ensued between Venita and Khafi yesterday over having to partake in a major role for the Heritage Bank TIV Drama Presentation, other housemates like Mike and Joe decided it was time for both ladies to make peace!

Early hours of this morning, the two ladies sat down on Joe’s insistence so they settle their issues and move on with the play…it is not that serious.

Khafi, by all means, is having a tough time both inside and outside the house as she’s been discussed on TV for leaving behind her Job for the reality show and her continuous fight with Gedoni, though they have settled it, it still is not the best time for her to be having any kind of issues with anyone as she’s yet to completely forgive Gedoni.

Both ladies talked about had happened and Khafi was left in tears as they made it to the reconciliation stage.

Another housemate is not happy about how she was treated by a fellow contestant on Monday, and it might have dropped her confidence level a little bit.

Enkay refused Cindy from playing the Ludo game with her and threatened to abandon the game if she makes further move play the game with her.

Saddened by the event, Cindy decided it was time to ask the opinion of others about how she’s been doing so far in terms of relating with others. She spoke to Venita about it and she was told to come out and relate with others more than a particular set of persons in the house. Cindy also told Joe what transpired between herself and Enkay, he did his best to cheer her up.

This week has been an emotional one for the housemates, we hope to see a day in the house they aren’t moved to tears!

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