BBNaija 2019 Update – The Reunion

In preparation for their house guests, Big Brother asked the 14 housemates to prepare a nice meal, clean properly and dress really nice. The housemates did not disappoint in that department, unknown to them that they were expecting fellow housemates Seyi and Tacha.

The Master Chef for the night was Omashola, and with the clock ticking, they started getting ready one after the other, with the ladies having their makeup done and the gentlemen ironing their clothes.

The table was finally set, it was time for the housemates to get settled and welcome their guests to the house. The doors opened, to their biggest surprise, Seyi and Tacha walked in with elegance and style…….That moment you say, “hello haters, I’m here.”

The 14 housemates jumped on their feet screaming and trying to hug them and they looked really happy seeing the two housemates who returned. After all the emotional display of hugs and laughs, they all sat down at the table, ready to eat.

Khafi hugged them with so much passion and could be seen that she’s really happy to see them back……Was she pretending? Mercy seemed a bit laid while trying not to show any fake passion.

The housemate’s guests were served first, followed by the others. With so many thoughts running through their minds, they made a good show of hiding it, until they were all done with their meal.

Finally, someone said something!! Mike had the time to address Tacha’s attitude and also told her how relieved he was to see her go! He added that, hope she will do better than before? She interrupted him, and her response was; “I am here till the 99th day, so get used to me.”

After a little relaxation, they gathered at the lounge to play a game, they had earlier put together on Biggie’s instruction.

The game was quite interesting, entertaining and educating!!

Do you think the housemates are genuinely happy to have both fake evicted housemates back or you think it was all a show?

Watch the video here!!!

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