BBNaija 2019 Update – The Reconciliation

Many wondered why Khafi mentioned Jackye’s name during the Live nomination yesterday.? Ok! Here’s what really happened to the ladies.

At last week Saturday Night Party, Gedoni(Khafi’s lover) got into a heated argument with Mercy, things got a little bit out of control and Jacky attempted to be the peacemaker but was shoved aside by Khafi who said she didn’t want to hear what happened from her(Jackye) rather, from Gedoni and Mercy…but she only listened to Gedoni’s side of the story tho!

Jackye felt that was rude and decided to just stay away from the situation and certainly from the love birds.

This morning, the pair decided to explain to each other on what transpired between them so as to resolve the issue and move on. They were caught on camera talking about it in the kitchen and both ladies poured their hearts out on why they have been cold to each other.

In the midst of the conversation, Gedoni and Tacha passed by both ladies without any attempt to know what was going on or any form of interference…

After an extended chat, both ladies exchanged high five and agreed that they are good now!…do you think they have settled for real?

While we are happy for Jackye and Khafi, we couldn’t help but notice Ike and Mike’s conversation on why the others keep putting him up on nomination and a concerned Ike, gave Mike some advice on what to do.

He told Mike to play some mind games with the others because they don’t deserve his niceness, but Mike said he would rather just be himself.

Mike and Ike have really bonded over the past couple of weeks and fond of each other, hence the concern for his friend!

Happy Birthday Sir Dee!!!

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