BBNaija 2019 Update – The Reason All Housemates Are On Possible Eviction!

We reported yesterday that after the usual nonunion by all housemates, Biggie dished their pick and followed his own which landed all housemates on possible eviction. This news did not go well with most viewers due to the speculations that Tacha and Seyi who are in the secret room away from other housemates, were exempted from the eviction likely to happen on Sunday!!

As to that popular opinion that trended like wildfire, it is not true. Although the remaining14 housemates are still in the dark about the while Secret room situation, Seyi and Tacha are also part of the possible eviction.

The twist to the game that happened yesterday, has left both the housemates and fans of the show a bit confused and wondering why Biggie would do that. Thelma did not fail to mention how scared she is about the whole nomination thingy by Biggie, being the first time she’s been on nomination since entering the house!

Well, there’s always a reason for anything Biggie does, but the reason for having Seyi and Tacha in the secret room is yet to be revealed. But for what happened yesterday as regards nomination; according to Biggie, it is a punishment to their disobedience to his(Biggie) rules.

Rules such as;

  1. Not going/going late to morning exercise,
  2. Not turning on the microphone properly,
  3. Whispering in hush tones,
  4. Speaking in a different language other than English….etc

As a reward for constantly flouting his rules, a severe punishment has followed which will see at least one person leave the show or not even those on fake eviction from last week. This is the biggest warning Biggie can give to a housemate and hopefully, those who survive the eviction will learn their lesson from this!.

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