BBNaija 2019 Update – The Punishment

We are yet to know the exact punishment biggie would give to the housemates for their negligence but they will be severely punished.

You’d wonder how a beautiful night turned into a series of shouts that led to a war of words?? Maybe they had too much to drink.😏😏

It was such an amazing night, I basically had fun with the housemates only to hear them shouting in total confusion but found out later that they left the red box that contained the Ultimate Veto Power Card in the arena after the party ended.

The red box was given to the housemates last week Sunday to keep and secure very well because if it goes missing, they will be punished and this stern warning came from biggie. The housemates made a schedule of how they’ll take turns in securing the box which was going quite well until, last night.

It went from 0 to 100 real quick when they discovered the box did not follow them back into the house…Mercy who looked a bit tipsy, was quick to react to the act of negligence and this went on for so long. Tacha was also part of the quarrel and that led to Diane losing her cool that later led to tears in the HOH room.

Biggie called the housemates to the lounge so as to talk about the missing red box and how they flout rules. Biggie could be heard telling the housemates that they’ll be punished for their negligence and it would go beyond strike that could see the early departure of some housemates.

I guess biggie has had enough of his rules flouted by the housemates…it is about to get tougher than before.


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