BBNaija 2019 Update – The Punishment From Big Brother

Yes, they did win their wager, they put in so much work to impress Biggie and with a show like that, you’d think Biggie would treat them to a massage session or anything more rewarding and deserving for winners!

Nothing will happen to their food supplies but why then did Biggie punish the housemates and what did they do to deserve this??

This season’s contestants are what I refer to like the stubborn ones, who don’t take seriously to the rules of the game. Putting all housemates on possible eviction, may not be punishment enough. That was for breaking Biggie’s rules since the start of the show.

Remember, it is Biggie’s house and Biggie’s rules which must be adhered to by not some but all housemates.

Apparently, the debate during the presentation didn’t properly fall through as Big Brother was not impressed by their debate on Thursday at their presentation and were punished for it. Biggie has a handful of punishment for the housemates.

They were asked to select four housemates that will serve the punishment of counting grains of rice and divide it equally into four smaller bowls…How possible could that be? That was the moment they all looked at themselves to see who would put their feet forward!

Khafi, Seyi, Diane and Nelson volunteered to be punished on behalf of others……such beautiful hearts!

The other housemates were on specific instruction by Biggie to not contribute in any manner, so the four that volunteered saw it through the end.

Was Biggie planning a reward for the brave hearts or it was used to serve as a serious warning to all housemates to take seriously to all tasks?? There’s always a motive behind everything biggie does!

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