BBNaija 2019 Update – The Price For Negligence / Arena Game

The arena game last night looked easy but difficult for some as two housemates couldn’t move past the first stage.

The arena game came in four stages which involved arranging of nuts on top of each other until it was up to eight. Then, using masking tape to hold a ballon for it to string along the line. After that, they were to sit on a chair and roll it across a zig-zag line and finally, throw a hammer on a web.

The example from Biggie’s ninja made it look easy but the housemates had a hard time ensuring it worked that way.

After several attempts from the housemates, Ike emerged as the winner with 400 bet9ja coins and Omashola came in second and earned for himself, 200 bet9ja coins.

The pepper dem gang had a fun night but the possible Sunday eviction was a constant topic on their lips as they all wish to survive the eviction…how can we tell them it is fake??



Rules are Rules and big brother takes rules seriously and he expects to see that level of seriousness from the housemates too.

After the entertainment, they had on Thursday with 2face and other artistes that graced the housemates with their presence, the housemates forgot the box in the arena. Upon realization, the arena door was already closed.

After the tantrum that was thrown at the parties involved, big brother gathered them in the lounge to address the situation and had to let them know the conversation will continue later.

This morning, biggie played back all that happened for them and how the box ended up under the chair which was the fault of Cindy but kept quiet when certain housemates were in confusion as to what really happened because the safety of the box was the responsibility of Diane and Elozonam on the said day.

As biggie will have it, the housemates responsible for the negligence had to face the consequences. Biggie issued a strike to the three housemates responsible for this act…Elozonam, Cindy and Diane all had their first strike today and big brother told them, the main punishment will happen on Monday which some will escape due to eviction.

Biggie added that henceforth, the housemates are no longer allowed to take food from the party room into the house. So, they are expected to eat all the can at the time.

The question is; knowing there will be no eviction this week but unknown to the housemates, what is Biggie really up to or, some housemates will be kept in the secret room? Sunday will tell the truth of the game.


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