BBNaija 2019 Update – The Plot And The Advice

The “situationship” between Frodd and Esther has taken a different direction since the revelation two weeks ago that led to Frodd being emotional and cried during the turndown. But he had refused to let that stop him from trying his luck with the lady who makes it obvious that, she likes someone else and that person is Nelson who was once entangled with Diane who found herself in company of two other guys, Sir Dee and evicted housemate Tuoyo and was pushed away by Nelson who is now with Esther.

There’s been a cold relationship going on between Nelson and Frodd because Esther always finds a way to Frodd who she is very much aware of his feelings for her and, that has given Frodd some form of confidence that Esther might come back to him……I don’t see that happening! Do you?

Esther told Nelson she does not see herself dating Frodd!

While Nelson is worried over the girl he likes and planning to call Frodd out, Frodd also is thinking on the best possible way to stay away from Esther as she keeps finding her way back to him!

Frodd spoke to Ike and Gedoni about it, “anytime I make an attempt to stay distant, she always tries to find her way back.”

Gedoni responded by telling him(Frood) to call for a meeting with the parties involved and express his true feelings to them so he can sort out the situation and put an end to it. Ike was not having any of that advice from Gedoni, rather he advised Frodd to continue playing the game.

In his words; “Gedoni’s words are too mature for this game, I’ll help you play an act of revenge instead.” What exactly is Ike planning?

However, Mike had some advice of his own to give to Frodd.

The lover boy Frodd, brought his love interest “situationship” to Mike in the garden and told Mike that he(Frodd) has been misunderstood in the house despite being an emotional person. Mike kept it real with Frodd and said to Frodd exactly how he(Mike) feels. He said to Frodd how he cuts across to the women in the house. He told Frodd he was aggressive in his approach! In his words: “You should be more sensitive.”

Frodd was grateful for the advice and thanked Mike for it and promised to do better!

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