BBNaija 2019 Update – The Oppo Runway Task And Regrets

The housemates got a task yesterday from Oppo Mobile Nigeria to create a runway fashion show using all materials provided to make clothes. They are to select models and camera personnel amongst themselves and once again, the house was divided into groups.

They got a heads up yesterday and they are expected to finish up today as the presentation will be taking place, later tonight!

They are excited, tensed and tired but do have to push hard because there’s a prize to be won by the winning team —– Oppo Mobile phones given to the families of the winners and one million naira.

They were obviously stressed due to how fast and hard they have to work and they got into the diary room to talk to Biggie about how they feel and their regrets so far in the house.

Sir Dee regrets eating too much in the house because he has gained more weight. Mercy isn’t too happy about the prank she played on Esther with her coins. Esther and Mike had similar regrets on not pushing hard for the head of the house position in the first week.

Frodd and Ike regret their outbursts in the house, Frodd said he would have handled the issues better while Ike felt he would have toned down the way he curses in the house.

Tacha said she has no regrets because every altercation she’s ever had with anyone in the house had/has a reason. Seyi surprised everyone with his regret.

Seyi regrets getting too close to Tacha because he feels she likes him more than he does and that isn’t cool by him…what???

They are getting more competitive and the prize is still there to be won but, keep a date with the task presentation happening tonight at 9 PM!! Will they pull it off? We’ll see.

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