BBNaija 2019 Update – The Nomination Fever

It’s been such an emotional day for the housemates as Biggie finally revealed to them why he is called “Big Brother.”

As the Pepper Dem Housemates got done with the HOH challenge that saw Seyi as the also for the second time in two weeks, they also had to compete for their stay in the house with each team having a representative to help win for them.

They reassembled at the arena on Biggie’s instruction, two members of each team (Cruisetopia and Icons), Mike and Sir Dee competing with each other to save themselves and team members from nomination.

The first round had team Icons leading with 9 points and Cruisetopia with 8 points. The second round saw Cruisetopia as the Winner which became a tie, but the third round broke the tie with Mike winning for his team and Team Icons are all on nomination.

Diane used her veto power to save Sir Dee but replaced him with Joe from Cruisetopia.

Sir Dee unsatisfied with his performance and felt responsible for his teammate’s nomination, he became broke and broke down in tears but was consoled by his team members.

Biggie also promised to address the continuous infringement of his rules by housemates, later on, and asked them to leave the arena.

What more can Big Brother do that could be worse than the punishment of them working for their stay in the house???
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