BBNaija 2019 Update – The Moment Of Truth

The housemates are still trying to understand the reason for the new twist to the game by big brother while trying to stay focused. In the midst of the confusion, Mercy figured it was time to talk to Khafi about her love situation with Gedoni…is something wrong?

Oh yes! Something is definitely wrong!

Khafi was saddened with the fact that Gedoni did not pick her to join his group for the drama presentation task and she told biggie this, during one of her diary session. Though sad, she later forgave him but Mercy who wasn’t too happy about khafi’s clinginess decided to be the bigger person so as to set Khafi’s head straight…thank you, Lambo!

She told Khafi to remember why she is in the game and try as much as possible to focus. In her words; “I know love is sweet but remember why you’re here, in a few months, you’ll be 60 million naira richer.”…Will she listen? Love has entered her eyes o!

She didn’t stop there as she used her relationship as a case study… She made it clear to Khafi that she likes Ike and she loves to tease him but never let him come too close because she knows her place in the house because she’s there to win…In all, Khafi should try to spend less time with Gedoni and more time focusing on the reason she’s in the game because one of the new housemates told her, she worries over the time Khafi spends with Gedoni.

Mercy also told her that, she shouldn’t mention any of their conversation to Gedoni!

Already consumed and blinded by love, she woke to Gedoni telling him everything and wondering why everyone is telling her to stay off him…because he is playing you!

Thank you, Lambo, you did your best!!

Will Khafi heed to this advice?

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