BBNaija 2019 Update – The Guys Are Childish Says Thelma

The gathering of Thelma, Diane and Mercy is the beginning of gossip which enables the viewers to know what is happening in the house that wasn’t seen.

Yesterday was another time to gather and analyse what has been going on in the house relationship wise, with Diane being at the fore-front and Thelma, the judge. For those complaining of how boring Big Brother season 4 is, we hope you’re getting the hot pepper they are beginning to dish out, as gossip has become the order of the day. But, this part of Thelma’s gossip/analysis did not really tickle the fancy of some fans.

Thelma who is always having an opinion, did have something to say to her ladies yesterday. She started by calling the guys in the house, “Childish”, and further expressed her thoughts of them in general. She said she believes that, they just want to have fun with the ladies in the house and she thinks non of them is actually serious on wanting anything to do with their love interest in the house when they eventually leave. She brought up the confused Diane’s relationship circle with three other guys in the house and she not even knowing if she actually want any. She said, Diane was caught in a live triangle between Nelson,Tuoyo and Sir Dee and how she hugs the guys in the house without wearing a bra……..ha! Can someone like or love this lady already?

She continued, saying how the guys keep switching from one girl to the other. Ordinarily, the only thought that can come to mind is the thought of jealousy as no one seems to be interested in her, but you’re not wrong if you thi K she’s a drama queen, but there might be some truth in what she’s saying considering how Ike want Mercy but wouldn’t mind having Tacha and kissed Ella! What a circle???

Some fans had this to say; “Thelma is a Fake friend to Diane. If you love her as a friend, you should have told her all you are saying now. I hate fake friends.” But she did tell her!

“It was Thelma that brought it up, Diane said she doesn’t want to talk about it. Tweet the truth, some of us are watching too, she’s not dying anything.” My thoughts exactly.

With how the guys tend to go about wanting to have something to do with the ladies, it is only fair someone says something so the guys can either take who they like seriously or back off completely!!

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