BBNaija 2019 Update – The Fun Night Of Truth And Dare!

Biggie surprised the housemates with two additional contestants and it was a night filled with mixed emotions but, they did put their different feelings aside to have a fun night together.

Consumed with the task given to them by Big Brother to having unexpected guests was not something the housemates looked forward to but they all got through the night and played a “truth or dare” game before going to bed.

Venita and Elozoman actively took part in the game as it was a way to bond with the others as well as show their fun side. It was a game that revealed some truth and some exciting dares.

From the minute Venita entered the house to his diary session, there was so much excitement to be seen from Omashola and he expressed it to Big brother on how happy he was to have a fellow hometown housemate who turned out to be a lady. He gave her a tour around the house and seized every opportunity to have a conversation with her…omashola is obviously in love! Ok, maybe he was just excited to see a fresh face and a beautiful one at that.

The game started and she was dared to give a kiss and Omashola was available. Luck smiled on him as the long-awaited touch of anything came in the form of a kiss from a lady he obviously likes…talk about answered prayers!

Diane was part of the fun night as she was dared to suck on Seyi’s chest region…too much fun! And Frodd was dared to strip and twerk for his fellow housemates…perfect job as he did it effortlessly.

They had a fun an amazing night together. After the game ended all went to bed with a reflection of it in their heads…hopefully, it will stay with them for a while!

Did the two additional housemates come to play for the price or come in to cause distraction and create drama as a trick from Big Brother? That is a mystery yet unsolved!

It looks like Venita is already a distraction to Omashola’s game as he just couldn’t take his eyes off her!…what so you think?

There’s more to the twist from Biggie slated for 7 PM.

What is Big Brother up to??

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