BBNaija 2019 Update – The Eviction Reactions

To see Joe leave the house, got Venita emotional and Khafi’s response to Ebuka’s question, contributed to the tears and she made a show of it.

After the eviction was over, Venita and Gedoni were both in one of the rooms discussing what happened while the eviction was on-going. Obviously, Venita felt bad that Khafi has been talking to other housemates about her…was that really the case though?

She told Gedoni that if she had wanted to come between him and Khafi, Khafi would not have been able to do anything about it. The conversation went on for quite a long time until Gedoni told her, he didn’t want to talk about Khafi anymore as he hugged her to stop crying.

Considering the reconciliation both ladies had on Friday, is Venita playing a game or she really wants Gedoni to herself?

Elozonam had something to get of his chest as well due to Joe’s eviction.

Venita was not the only person that got emotional over Joe’s eviction, Elozonam also felt the same way and his reaction to the eviction was evident of his mixed feelings but, there was nothing he could have done to stop it.

He poured his heart out to Venita early hours of this morning where he talked about Tacha’s comment over Joe’s exit from the house and promised to talk to her about because it didn’t feel right.

According to Elozonam, Tacha said to him; “are you crying?! Will you feel better if biggie asks you to pack your bags and go? Tacha is very unapologetic. She’s a very sweet girl, one of the people in this house that just does it and expects nothing in return. But you must not comment on everything”.

With how Elozonam is feeling and also wielding the Veto Power, who do you think he would put up on possible eviction?

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