BBNaija 2019 Update – The Break Up And Make Up

Another love story in the BBNaija House…Could this be for real??

Khafi and Gedoni’s love story is beginning to look real contrary to what people think or Gedoni is just a better player? We will let you be the judge!

Yesterday, Tacha told Khafi that Gedoni has been engaged in a conversation with another female housemate for a long time and both of them were on the bed together, Khafi was saddened by this, so she went into another room to try and get over it.

She was emotional that was when Tacha and Esther became actively involved in the issue. They consoled and advised her against Gedoni by telling her to use her head and not her heart and also, to remember why she’s in the house!

Remember this is not the first time she’s been advised to be careful of Gedoni because, Mercy once did but she(Khafi) ended up telling Gedoni, everything. In this case, Tacha was quite certain, Khafi would do the same but she advised her anyway!

Tacha and Esther weren’t the only once who talked to Khafi. Mike, Sir Dee and Ike did too. Love they say is blind…is that the case with the khafi?

After the tears and sadness, Khafi and Gedoni settled down to talk about it and from their conversation, Gedoni was upset that Khafi had to seek the opinion of others over their relationship when he was right there for her to come to so they could talk about what transpired and what he talked about, with the other female housemate… After a little back and forth, they locked lips in reconciliation!

Sometimes in war, there is love as seen from Khafi and Gedoni “situationship”!

See video below

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