BBNaija 2019 Update – The Arrival Of Joe And Enkay

The show just got tougher for the other housemates as Big Brother decided to give them raw pepper when they should be the ones doing so…ironic, I know!

Just when we thought we have seen it all from Biggie when Venita and Elozonam entered the house on Tuesday, it was only a start of what is to come. Yesterday, Biggie added two more housemates to the mix and now, the house has been thrown into a chaotic mood as to what Big Brother is really up to…i need to know too!

Enkay and Joe are the newest members of the #Pepperdemgang.

As soon as the door opened and Enkay walked in, the others were not so excited unknown to them that another was on his way. They took turns in giving her a hug…in all honesty, they didn’t mean to but had to because courtesy demands they do so!

They introduced themselves to her and continued with the busy task Biggie gave to them that will be presented today at 7 Pm…They are to great a fictitious love story and make clothes for themselves…biggie provided electric sewing machines, fabrics and typewriters with which they are to make do with it for today’s task.

Just then did Joe walk into the house and the surprise on Khafi’s face on seeing Joe, says a lot like they had a history of friendship/relationship as that is the speculation currently ongoing at the moment on social media…neither Joe nor Khafi has confirmed such claims but differently looked like they know themselves from somewhere!

Amidst the surprise and regardless of what anyone was/is feeling, Frodd took charge of the situation as the head of house and called the newest members together to get them acquainted to the rules of the house, prep them ahead of today’s task and place them in groups…a little drama occurred yesterday between the new housemates.

When Frodd got done with his introduction and all they needed to know, he engaged in a conversation with Joe and they both talked about their stay in Abuja and Enkay asked him(Joe) where he stayed, he replied her, “does it matter?”, but Enkay was not pleased with the response and told him, ” you’re too petty.”…Joe already started with the pepper on his first day!

Esther, Mercy, Diane and Mike were the most laid back as they kept asking themselves what Biggie is truly up to because they don’t like what is happening!

Will they be able to cope with this membership? Time will tell.

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