BBNaija 2019 Update – The Arena Games

The reality show that started with a total number of 21 housemates is left with 17 playing the game to get a winner and the game is getting more interesting by the day. This week has been one of the very best for the housemates so far!

After Jackye had won the Pepsi Know Da Lyric challenge on Wednesday, the housemates also practiced their presentation for their wager together in other to impress Big Brother, and they actually won the wager presentation. Yesterday, they were assigned another task before the Arena game challenge. They had just one job earlier in the day, to paint each other’s faces in the mist clownish look ever…….I’d like to say, some looked like masquerades!Lol

Each housemates were asked to help themselves in painting each other’s face and be creative with it but we’re not allowed to do it in pairs or paint their own face…The perfect opportunity to pay the stubborn ones back in a happy way! The face painting started and Tacha got a hold of Ike who did not believe what he saw in the mirror when she was done. Jacky put on her creative jacket and gave Esther the best look by carefully painting it. Tuoyo oh Tuoyo, how bad can a face paint be? Khafi had to wash hers off when she saw herself in the mirror. And just as rules are made, rules are also broken!.Tacha and Jeff who Co-painted their faces where called out by Biggie during the Arena games.

The Circus Arena Game Challenge started and after the first part which involved the housemates going through 3 hoola-hoops one at a time. For the second challenge, the housemates were asked to “work the beam” and we’re to carry 2 Bet9ja coins using both hands while walking the beam without falling. The next group challenges featured Seesaw, Summarsault and Ball-walk while in the last challenge, the housemates were to crawl under a net and successfully go through a basket throw.

Ike started the came but wasn’t lucky and became an example for others. He finished in 1 minute 44 seconds. Seyi who every one thought would win as it was looking so, completed his at 50 seconds. Luck ran out on Tuoyo who struggled but couldn’t finish as he was buzzed out of the game due to time. It got to him as he became emotional. Finally, the man of the moment, Omashola did all he could to beat Seyi’s time of 50 seconds which he did and became the winner as he completed his in 43 Seconds. It was jubilation for the winner!!!

Time for Biggie to crown their efforts from the game. He rewarded Seyi with 200 Bet9ja coins for a job well done, Esther and Jackye were both rewarded with 250 Bet9ja coins and the winner, Omashola was rewarded with 400 coins.

With the excitement from being clowns to playing a fun game and winners emerging and even Tuoyo’s emotions from loosing, they channelled that energy towards Ike to give him a beautiful birthday celebration as he turned 27 yesterday…It was a beautiful celebration from dumping him inside water to cutting his cake provided by Biggie to being kissed by Mercy…..

Congratulations Omashola!

Happy Belated Birthday Ike!!

Happy Birthday Tuoyo as you celebrate today!!!

Saturday night Party will be happening tonight and we are looking forward to what the housemates will be wearing.

Sunday comes the Live eviction show! With Artistes Reminisce and Skales performing Live on stage!

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