BBNaija 2019 Update – The After Party Fight

If you don’t enjoy the Saturday night parties, just be a little patient because after the party comes the show! Always an interesting time watching the housemates after the party. Kudos to DJ Lambo for such a great party!! The housemates had more fun, more than they should.

So, the party ended and everyone went inside to do whatever they want. While some wanted to freshen up, others wanted romance, and some just wanted to gist.

Thelma and Omashola both wanted to use the bathroom at the same time and it became clash of the Titans. This happened because the latter didn’t want to wait for the former and both persons involved are hot heads, so you can visualize the scenery. It was hot hot……OK, let me give you gist!

Thelma was in the bathroom and Omashola was in need of one so he tried to hurry her out of the bathroom but, she obviously was not responding to him and, he tried to force his way through. There and then, hell was let loose as Thelma unleashed her venom on the Warri dude, Omashola…..The insults were coming in from every angle, the name calling did not stop even after been talked to. She said, he won’t be respected going forward.

Can we blame her? She was unclad at the time if not for quick response, he would have seen everything, by everything, I mean her nakedness. Meanwhile, aunty Khafi and brother Gedoni decided to mind their business as they kept on with their kiss…….Oh! Baby girl is in love!

She did eventually calm down after being spoken to and Omashola went ahead to apologize while blaming it on the alcohol. He said, “I messed up by forcing myself in the bathroom with you, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it in any part, I am sorry Thelma.”

Tacha who couldn’t handle how the guys drink during the parties, decided to have an opinion by attacking Mike for being a drunk while the ladies were busy having self control on the drinks. She didn’t just have a say, but insulted Mike, telling him to ‘shut up’ several times.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up Mike! Fuck out of here, stupid ass.” And threw some stuffs at him…..Did she go too far?? She added Omashola to the fight after she was called out by Omashola for making the drinking issue a general one instead of dealing with it with the person she’s having problems with. Tacha told him, “I said guys and not Omashola.”

Tuoyo and Mercy who had the most fun at the party, offended Ike with their dance style which he could not bottle in as he confronted Tuoyo about, they both aired and hugged it out but not without offending Mercy.

Last night was hot hot…..Is it safe to say we are seeing the pepper now? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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