BBNaija 2019 Update – The Addition Of Two New Housemates

Big brother is about to cause commotion in the house that has been experiencing peace for some time now!

During the Sunday Eviction show, Ebuka announced that Biggie was up to something which is unknown to the housemates at the time. He added that biggie’s plans will be made known on Tuesday. As you know, today is Tuesday and Biggie will be bringing in two new sets of housemates but their mission is unknown at this time!…omg!

The housemates are all busy with the day’s task given to them by Big Brother to create a fictitious love story that happened in the 50s…if only they know that their minds are about to be blown!!

With each season of the reality show, Big Brother always try to create some sort of distractions and drama, either with additional housemates or the return of two evicted housemates as seen from the previous season 3 ‘Double Wahala’ with the return of Khloe and Anto and in season 2 ‘See Gobe”, the addition of two others who didn’t come to compete for the money but to create more drama!

We will be right to say it is happening again!

This revelation came from a tweet from the host, Ebuka. While announcing the names of those on the nomination this week and to ensure their fans vote for them, he added that fans of the show should stay tuned and not miss a thing.

The game-changer is slated to happen at 7 Pm as the new housemates will be making their way into the house. There has been speculation that the new housemates are ladies which we are unsure of! We will get to see them at 7 PM.

If eventually, they turn out to be ladies, will Ike remain loyal and faithful to Mercy? What drama do you think this will cause? I think the pepper will be well diced, cooked and served really hot!

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