BBNaija 2019 Update – Tacha’s Failure To Give The Characteristics Of A Winner, Has Led To Social Media Mockery

Yesterday, Tacha took the world by surprise as she was unable to give the definition of characteristics when asked by Ebuka!

Tacha is a housemate at the on-going reality TV show, Big Brother Naija. Yesterday at the Live eviction show that saw two housemates, Nelson and Thelma go home, the host, Ebuka as always, had a chat with all the housemates one after the other.

Tacha came in second after he(Ebuka) was done asking Seyi about his mood since his return. When that was cleared, he asked Tacha about being the one that knows all about BBNaija and said she should define the characteristics of a winner, she was taken aback and did beat around the bush for a while, so Ebuka asked her to give 3 Characteristics of a winner!

Ebuka: Tacha, mention three Characteristics of a winner.

Tacha: tacha, tacha, tacha.

Ebuka: that is not so smart.

Tacha: everything about me is the characteristics of a winner.

Ebuka: which is?

Tacha: Tacha

Ebuka: that is not so clever, I expected more!

No doubt, she has been trending and her loyalists do not see anything wrong with her response and have continued to support her in every way/manner possible. Some said, why should she reveal her strategy in presence of everyone and others saying, she’s right to have responded that way…what is your assessment on this?

Some die-hard fans of her’s came for Ebuka for intending to disgrace the young lady, which he never affirmed to. Some others said it is a show of strength and the list goes on.

However, a popular social media personality/influencer, Tunde Ednut was among the first set of persons to express his dissatisfaction to what Tacha had said.

He took to his page to say;

I told you guys from the onset that this girl should not and she will not win. How can Big Brother make this type of unintelligent NBEKE the face of Big Brother? Simple question…
What are the characteristics of being a winner? She no fit answer, then how are you going to win when you don’t know your purpose in there? Ebuka is my guy and will continue to be my guy.
The question has spoilt so many things for this NGBEKE who doesn’t know why she’s in the house in the first place. She thinks the game is being played by insulting, showing breast, nipple without having a small brain. BULL poo!!! Big Brother never did a good background check before selecting. They are just letting her in the house to make things interesting. BULL WILL NEVER WIN.
She’s a definition of ignorance sprinkled with arrogance. @Ebuka, na man you be.

Much later on the show, after the Live eviction show was over, Tacha opened up to another housemate, Khafi and admitted to her ignorance to the question asked after she had earlier said, she didn’t want to reveal her strategy to the other housemates.!

Will you agree with me that, this is a lot to digest and understand. While trying to do so, it becomes energy-zapping?? Could it be an honest mistake or she didn’t understand the question properly? However, we hope she will get the next question right whenever it will be asked!

In other news, Frodd won the Head Of House challenge for the new week…Read the next post!

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