BBNaija 2019 Update – Tacha Rains Insults On Frodd Over The Use Of Bathroom

Today is the seventeenth day in the Big Brother reality show and a day one of the housemate, Frodd won’t forget in a hurry.The insult started after the morning exercise led by Tuoyo who had them do frog jump. Though the ladies had their own share of fun, as they were strapped on the backs of the guys in the house like babies and raced from one end of the arena to the other.They all went back into the house to freshen up and get ready to continue their task.

The bathroom was occupied and Frodd needed to use it, but unfortunately, Tacha was there and she sent him away until she was done and wouldn’t allow any of the guys in. According to her, she was waiting for the hot water and even the guys that wanted to have their bath with cold water, were not allowed to go in by Tacha. Frodd got angry and said, he didn’t want to be violent which got Tacha angry, there and then, she started throwing insults all over on Frodd which got to Ike. He told her to slow down and show some respect, Frodd who was at the receiving end, did not say a word. She continued in the same manner, calling him all sorts of names like, “stupid, idiot, multi-coloured human being.”

She finally came out of the bathroom and took the insult to another level with very powerful abusive words referring him back home, Frodd came out of the bathroom and continued minding his business, all to the surprise of other housemates who refused to get involved as they were expecting some sort of reaction from Frodd. But, all went silent a few minutes later.Tacha who was unable to stay mute for long, told Frodd to be happy and feel lucky to be in the same place with her, because she was too big a person to have anything to do with him. Still, Frodd did not answer her!.Which, in my opinion, is the worst insult anyone give a loud person.Was Tacha trying to pry on his weak point so he could cry because he is an emotional person, or a long unresolved issue?It was indeed, a hot pepper morning for the housemates!

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