BBNaija 2019 Update – Tacha And Seyi Fight Dirty

If you have been expecting a ship from these two, well, you might have to change your mind on that, because it won’t happen anymore!

The housemates put up a magnificent show last night and it was all shades of beautiful which Biggie confirmed and surprised the housemates with an after-party.

After the party was over, they all went back to the house and a conversation ensued between them at different corners around the house. An interesting conversation between Tacha and Seyi was spotted but later turned into an argument between them.

Seyi won the Head of House Challenge on Monday and told Biggie he would love to share the luxury bedroom with Esther and not Tacha who his is very much in sync in the house and that broke Tacha’s heart who didn’t reveal how hurt she was until last night!

It looks like Seyi has been monitoring Tacha’s behaviour since their return from the secret room which he told Elozonam in their conversation last night that the Tacha before the Secret room is different from who he is seeing at the moment and it looked like Tacha might have changed her strategy…Tacha didn’t find the statement funny and she lashed on Seyi.

Although Seyi apologized to her, she didn’t want to hear any of it and promised not to share anything thing about her with Seyi, anymore!!!

Seyi has always wanted to keep his distance from Tacha because he didn’t want to fall in love with her. Is this a good reason to stay apart???

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