BBNaija 2019 Update – Tacha and Seyi Face Off

It was quite surprising to see how heated their argument was but friends do quarrel too!

Since the return of Seyi and Tacha from the secret room earlier in the reality show, the two housemates have formed a bond and become close and fans of the show have been trying to force a “ship” out from the two.

That may not happen as both housemates seize every opportunity to talk about their relationship with their partners outside the house but in the big brother house, they practically lean on each other. Imagine the surprise when they argued so loudly!

The issue started according to Tacha, Seyi was screaming her name from the four while she was asleep because he couldn’t go in due to the wager challenge that had the housemates hiding their work from each other. She walked up to Seyi who was in the kitchen to ask why he would shout her name in that manner and no one in the house had the right to do so.

Just as he was trying to explain what had happened, Tacha was talking at the top of her voice and Seyi followed suit. It took Khafi and Venita to calm situations down.

In the breakdown from Tacha to Khafi after the incident, she said she thought she was in trouble due to the screams of her name from Seyi and Ike and that got her up quickly from her bed and she had to go all out on Seyi for that.

Seyi, on the other hand, reminded her not to start what he can’t finish or else he will ensure she gets a third strike and gets disqualified from the show.

Will the former best friends make up? We shall see.


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