BBNaija 2019 Update – Seyi And Mercy Still Not Speaking To Each Other: Here Is Why!

Both housemates started having issues last Saturday after the party when Mercy wanted to get some Ice Cream for herself and her Man, Ike but was prevented from doing so by Seyi and that lead to the war of words later in the garden!!

Read In Details, All That Happened Last Saturday, After The Party

The drama in the house just got hotter and the war of words that started on Saturday seems to have taken a different turn on social media due to how Seyi handled the issue, and as at yesterday, involved Mercy’s family in their Feud.

Seyi mocked Mercy for taking the issue to Ike instead of fighting for herself because she knows that, Ike will stand up for her…Mercy who decided to move past it, resulted to make peace.

She went over to Seyi to apologise to him but Seyi wouldn’t have any of it because he is still angry over Mercy’s statement when she asked him if the Big Brother’s house is his(Seyi) father’s house?? Seyi who couldn’t hide his true emotions decided to take it out on Mercy’s family saying that, “Nobody in Mercy’s generations has achieved what my family has achieved. Nobody does that.! So on that note, I will never speak to her. That’s where this ends. Thank you!!”

Seyi also has a little misunderstanding with Thelma before she was evicted from the house. Few hours to her eviction, Seyi lays curses on Thelma when he said: “Thelma’s prosperity has gone with her late brother”.

All of these has put him on the wrong side of the media and his inability to deal with those he has issues with and not involve their families has earned him negative comments from fans.

Mercy told Biggie yesterday, during her diary session that being on the same team with Seyi, is not what she wanted because they are still not talking but it is what is, so she has got to deal with it.

Seyi has an automatic immunity from eviction this week because he won the head of house challenge!

Do you think there should be some sort of caution from Biggie to Seyi?? because that is an act of provocation!

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