#BBNaija 2019 Update – Saturday Night Party

Saturday night party is s treat from Big Brother to the housemates. You’d agree with me that, with the eviction shock that threw the house into a silent place and other times, a confused place where some housemates were seen scheming on how to go through their numbers in terms on Bet9ja coins and hardly were they seen on a constant happy mood as they used to before the news that broke all the noise and children play going on in the house. So, the Saturday night Party was well deserved!

Before the groove came another instruction from Big Brother, read to all the housemates by the HOH, Jeff. They were instructed on what to do with the Bet9ja coins in their possession, tomorrow at 09:00am and to be well calculated and verified by the HOH and submitted to Big Brother in the diary room immediately he’s done.

The housemates were handed an Opo pro11 mobile phone by Big Brother to be used to capture the best moments during the party, while the party was to start by 10:00pm.

OMG!!! The party! The party!! The party!!!

Celebrity DJ Exclusive was on ground to drop it “like its hot,” with the old&new school music. Not in anyway disappointed.

The housemates stepped into the party room with their regalia. Some looking amazing, banging, smoking hot, beautiful and super storming…There was enough to drink courtesy of Legend Extra Stout and the housemates did not disappoint in the drinking department.

While they were busy dancing, I was busy looking out for Tacha, oh! I did find her but not with moves I was expecting, so I fixed my focus on Mercy, who wouldn’t want to see a video Vixen teach us some moves? I totally loved what she wore, looking all tush and hot but went easy on the dance, so I moved again and found the dance queen for the night, non other than Thelma. She wore a pink two piece outfit, took off her shoe, didn’t mind the people, the camera even the drinks and danced happily to every song. Looks like we found another Alex.

Did I forget Isilomo? She was basically dancing with all the guys and showed so much excitement. Diane got it too as she moved really nicely to the beats. Esther was a baby girl on the dance floor with her captivating smile and her play suit outfit sure did it for me.

The guys looked good in their outfits but I could see Mike struggling to keep up with the dance steps, while Omashola and Tuoyo came through with no disappointments at all. Ike was busy chasing Mercy.

It was really, a good First Saturday Party for the housemates to shake off whatever tension that has been in the house.

Let us know in the comment section who your best dressed and best dancer was for tonight’s party.?

Now that the much awaited party is out of the way, let’s look forward to the eviction show happening later today on DSTV 198 and GOTV 29

Photo Credit: @Dstvnigeria

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