BBNaija 2019 Update – Reconciliation And Building Friendships

Before the departure of Nelson from the game, there was a love situation or triangle going on with Diane, Tuoyo, Sir Dee and Nelson and after the revelation came from Ebuka, Diane was thrown into a confused state, left to sort herself out. This she tried doing but didn’t work out!

Sir Dee made it clear that he likes Diane as a sister and was not in any way thinking of having anything with her, Tuoyo did like her but rather kept her close. She went over to Nelson to sort things out with him. After their conversation, Nelson made it clear to her that, she was confused and they should just be friends until all was cleared.

Not long after, Nelson transferred his love interest to Esther with full knowledge of Frodd’s affection for the same girl. That caused a distance between Esther, Frodd, Nelson and Diane…really exhausting!

Esther who hasn’t been able to live with herself since Nelson left the show, decided it was time to finally have the conversation with Diane to close the distance between them.

Esther had a heart to heart conversation with Diane to make sure all was ok between them.

With the guilt, she has been carrying around, she told Diane she owned her an apology on this subject but Diane was not bothered about it. She told Esther that she didn’t need the apology from her because she has no issues with her but Nelson who should be the one apologizing to her…hope this is not happening because Nelson Is out of the game?

Diane and Jackye have bonded so well while talking about the other housemates behind them as against her(Jacky) closest friend in the house, Khafi…no loyalty in the house though!

The new housemates are also

contributing their quota to the day’s task as Enkay showed off her tailoring skills yesterday while helping her group make cloths and Joe who is a creative director, was also helping out on the love story his group members were struggling with…oh yeah!

Today’s presentation will be worth it!

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