BBNaija 2019 Update – Reaction On The Veto Power Holder Nominees

Not everyone is ready to understand it is just a game or takes it with a pinch of salt and accept that some persons must go home.

Some call it payback while others are just being judged by their conscience. And this is the case of Elozonam and Ike.

Although they were already up on possible eviction by the original list from biggie, they honestly didn’t see the veto power twist coming.

Seyi was the most shocked to find out Mercy bought immunity and became even more surprised to find out Ike knew about it.

Mike, Cindy and Tacha are all taking it the way it is but the case is different from the other two nominees.

From the moment Frodd engaged in a war of words with Elozonam, the two housemates have not been cool with each other and have had to keep their distance but, unknown to Elozonam that Frodd has never nominated him in the diary room but, he has done so consistently. However, before Frodd could call his name, he stood up out of guilt.

In their conversation, Ike was heard saying “he can’t believe Frodd choose him over Omashola and Cindy and he feels so irritated that his friend could do such”…but did you save him when you had the chance?

Elozonam feels Frodd owes him an explanation as he was heard saying he has never been cool with Frodd and he knew he would be called to stand among the others.

Do you think Frodd nominated the housemates based on emotions and payback, or he had to do what he had to do?


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