BBNaija 2019 Update – Pure Bliss Challenge

The housemates of the season 4 reality show, big brother Naija had yet another sponsored challenge and it was all about having fun.

They got their branded t-shirts from Purebliss for the day’s task which they had fun doing. They had to play a game called “Kiss, Kill and Marry.” They moved over to talking about things nobody knew about them.

They revealed quite a lot about themselves and they had fun doing so. Who knew the housemates can sit down together to have a joke without fighting or engaging in a war of words?

As it is almost impossible for them to have a peaceful day, the fight broke out between Frodd, Cindy and Diane. While they took turns in asking questions, Frodd asked Cindy if she touches herself when she watches animals and humans having sex? Oh! that question threw Diane off who came to Cindy’s defence and Tacha got herself involved in the issue while warning Frodd not to ask such a question…Cindy had revealed to the housemates last week that she enjoys watching humans and animals having sex.

Although Frodd tried apologizing later, Diane was quite protective of Cindy as she won’t let Frodd.

The challenge started in the arena and there were moments of imitations, talent show-offs and descriptions of what made them happy so far! Big brother later crowned everyone winners and treated them to a beautiful dinner with a variety of food, courtesy PureblissNG…they ate to their satisfaction.


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