BBNaija 2019 Update – Post Eviction Events

The housemates now understand truly that Big Brother sees everything even when he is slow to react!

Jackye and Gedoni have both been evicted from the show leaving behind 14 housemates in the race for the 60 Million Naira. The eviction was not the only emotional event that unfolded yesterday.

Biggie called the housemates together and played some clips of rules that have been broken so far by Tacha. Biggie reminded her that she is a guest in his house and the 99days will be hers only if she plays her game well and stops being rude and undermining his authority! After the criticism from Biggie, she was issued her second strike!

Mercy suffered the same fate for provocation of another housemate(Ike) after the Saturday night party! She was issued her first strike.

The housemates moved into the arena for the veto power game of chance challenge and Ike won the power which he will use later today to save a nominated housemate and replace with another.

Big Brother also reshuffled the team’s to form new groups. Enigma and Legends still representing the previous colours (Red for legends, Green for Enigma).

Team Legends

Team Enigma

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