BBNaija 2019 Update – Omashola Becomes Emotional As He Apologizes To Frodd

Yesterday was another sad day as the housemates bid one of their own, Jeff goodbye from the 60 Million naira race! Read about yesterday’s eviction here

After the Live Eviction was over, Omashola followed Frodd to his room to have a conversation with him.

The two friends have kept their distance from each other for a while now and it all started when Omashola declared his interest in Venita and Frodd showed interest too but Venita who didn’t find it funny had to confront the issue and said she didn’t like the fact that both guys were having a pissing contest because of her and for that reason, she moved her bed away from Omashola. While talking to Seyi about it, she made it clear that it was easier to communicate with Frodd than Omashola because the former is calm and listens while the latter is loud and aggressive…what??

Omashola who wasn’t too happy about the whole thing called Venita aside to apologize and why he did so, he told her he does not like Frodd because according to him, Frodd lies too much…Everything he said about Frodd to Venita got to Frodd’s ears through Venita, word for word. She also told Frodd not to trust Omashola!! This made the two former friends angrier with themselves because Frodd didn’t believe Omashola would go that far and Omashola didn’t believe Venita would tell Frodd about what they talked about.

After the Eviction was over, Omashola who was quite thankful he was not evicted, figured it was time to put to bed whatever issues he’s had with anyone in the house, so he went to Frodd to bare it all out! He gave a better understanding of why he’s been angry all this while and that started when he(Frodd) put Mercy up on nominations using his Veto power, the second week of their stay and the reason he gave for doing so, is the same reason he’s been angry with Frodd. He said to Frodd, “the only thing wey fit to make men quarrel, na woman and money, but I no want that kind thing to happen to us because you na my brother.” He added that he was no longer interested in Venita so Frodd should not feel threatened anymore. In the midst of the apology, he had a Flashback to his previous relationship and how he was rejected by his Ex-girlfriend and his proposal turned down by her.

Frodd consoled and apologised to Omashola and also promised that he was no longer angry with him!

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