BBNaija 2019 Update – No Veto Power Holder For The Week

The LIVE eviction show was over and the housemates went about their duties. Mercy and Gedoni finally worked our their issues as they talked about what happened at the Saturday night party and apologised to each other. Gedoni even offered to look out for her in the house…but didn’t mention Khafi’s name among those he thinks will make it to the top five when asked by Biggie.

Esther took some time to herself to cry and reflect on the good times she had with Nelson and all that emotion eventually led to tears. Each of the remaining housemates was seen at different corners in the house, having a chat and generally happy they are still in the game.

They all gathered in the lounge on Biggie’s call to play for the “Veto Power Game Of Chance”, with which the winner will have the power to nominate and replace any housemate that is up for possible eviction with another who isn’t. Before the game, Big Brother told Seyi he has forgiven him(biggie banned him from participating in the veto power challenge), moving forward, the ban has been lifted. He also asked all the housemates if they would like to participate in the game, Jeff and Frodd turned it down and so, the others participated in the challenge.

For the others who’d like to participate has to follow the rules of the game and Biggie emphasised on the rules twice. They were blindfolded and each housemate had to walk towards a board that was placed in front of them and stick a missing noise on the X-marked spot of a clown or close to it with one hand folded to the back.

They started the challenge, which was funny to watch as most of them kept going in the wrong direction, they broke a rule or two from the game and Biggie had to disqualify them.

Biggie was upset as he explained to them what they had done that made him arrive at such a decision. He also told them that no one was deserving of this week’s veto power.

There will be a Live nomination section with Biggie today and a new set of housemates will be put up on possible eviction this week.! Stay Tuned!

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