BBNaija 2019 Update – No Swear Words For 48 Hours

This should be the easiest yet the most difficult task Big Brother has given to the pepper dem housemates especially with the way they use the “F” word like it was invented for them only!

The drama in the house has not ceased and they don’t joke when it comes to selecting who flouts a certain rule. Venita and Khafi had a mild fight for the designation of roles in their upcoming task by Heritage Bank.

Khafi was of the opinion that those on nomination should be given the chance to showcase their talent more during the play but Venita wouldn’t have that as she clearly said to Khafi that, she does not give a F**k.

Seyi accused Khafi of trying to cause confusion without knowing all that had happened. Khafi felt attacked so she walked out for peace sake. They were finally able to come around it after Seyi apologized to Khafi then Biggie surprised the housemates with another task that might put most if not all the housemates in trouble!

Big Brother had the Head of House, Seyi read out an instruction that must be duly followed or risk getting a strike because Biggie made it clear on Monday that, he does not take infringement on his rules, lightly.

Seyi read it out loud that, there shall be no cursing better still, the use of swear words for the next 48 hours and it came as a shock to many.

Who do you think will be the first to break this rule considering how often they use swear words?

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