BBNaija 2019 Update – Munch It 2 Million Naira Challenge

The housemates had a night filled with fights and quarrel, it was not a pleasant one for them and to kick start the day so early, it is worth it? With two million naira cash prize and a dinner for two on a canoe, it’s worth it for sure!

The Pepper Dem Gang got off to an early start today from Biggie and they kick-started the challenge immediately.

The head of house, Seyi read the Scroll from biggie as they all were required to start off with the task after paring themselves. The female housemates had the privilege of picking who they’d like to be paired with. When they got that sorted out, they carried on with the task.

A member from each pair was required to make an artwork using a “Munch It” paper while the other pair creates a distraction and they had so much fun trying to distract the other using every possible trick known to them. When done, they moved to another which is the dance challenge!

With 2 million cash prize, it is worth whatever comes with it. Unknown to the housemates that a special guest will be coming in to teach them a routine. They tried it out on their own which turned into a mild fight between some pairs.

Omashola had a disagreement with Cindy about the routine and who should lead. After a while, they worked together and eventually got it right. Ike and Mercy were also having a difficult time trying to figure out what they should do and Ike opted to steal a dance routine from one of the other pair, but Mercy wouldn’t have that so she gave up on Ike.

In the midst of trial and error, Award-Winning Popular Nigerian Female Dancer, Kaffy walked In, to the surprise of the housemates. She got down to business after a few hugs and exchange of pleasantries, each pair took turns in learning from her.

The winner takes it all, but a winner is yet to emerge from the challenge!

The housemates put up a show tonight and it was all shades of amazing and for your favourite to win, you have to vote on @munchitnigeria page on Instagram…the team with the highest number of comments takes it all!

With a long week filled with series of tasks, they will be rewarded tonight with the Saturday Night Party and DJ Neptune will be on the Wheels Of Steel! 9 Pm is the Time…

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