BBNaija 2019 Update – Midnight Bawl Between Omashola And Mercy

The twist to the game is playing serious mind games with the housemates and they are overwhelmed, hence the attitude flying around!…can we really blame them?

This week wager presentation is by far the most difficult given to them and they have been working tirelessly on it. The new housemates had to jump right on it immediately they arrived and they all haven’t been having it easy but hope they pull through though because their next week’s supplies depend on it!… I am rooting for them, are you?

With how hard they have to prep for the presentation, early this morning, at 2 AM, Mercy told her group members that she needed to go to bed because she was all sleepy and needed the rest. Omashola was not having any of that as he threw words literally from every corner at Mercy, shouting at the top of his voice, letting her know how unserious she was taking the task and that was not the best way to go, but Mercy didn’t care about all of that as she kept telling Omashola to come and drag her to join them…she is the team leader and should lead by example, don’t you think?

The typical Omashola was so furious, flamed up and mad to the point that, he used terrible words on Mercy but Mercy kept to her defence as she also fired shots at Omashola telling him, he was her worst mistake and filled with regrets to have picked him as part of her team…oh no!

While most of the housemates were asleep, few were awake to calm the situation down and eventually, they both went to bed angry.

They woke up to a fresh start this morning and rehearsed their scripts together…get it guys, that’s how stars do!

But Biggie is not done with them yet! What he has up his sleeves, remains unknown until tonight…now I feel for them!It is more than they bargained for.

Tonight is looking good already.

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