BBNaija 2019 Update – Mercy Revealed She’s Playing Ike

This is a case of scammer scamming the scammer! Lol..

With each passing day, the housemates who have decided to become a couple in the house, tend to wax stronger. But, in the case of Mercy and Ike, it could be a strategy!

Did you ask how?

After the Eviction on Sunday that saw Ella and Kim-Oprah leave the reality show, which in someway, one would be glad that Ella causing confusion in the relationship between Mercy and Ike has been shown the door! That isn’t the case anymore as what will thought was real, is a mere strategy by both parties.

Mercy who had the highest number of votes from fans, was seen talking to fellow housemates, Thelma and Khafi about how she will continue to use Ike the way she believes he is using her to stay in the house…

This came as a surprise to many and has generated lots of response from viewers of the show.

But from the way Mercy reacted when Ella got mixed up with Ike after the Saturday night party, it didn’t look like she was/is playing Ike or, she’s a good actress.

Mercy said to Ella, “I hope say nor be my man you dey like oh?” Which she later said it was a joke, but took it a step further as she saw Ike and Ella’s closeness. She went to Ella and asked her to lay off the mattress because Ike was on it too. Both ladies became confrontational, which had Ella say to her, ” I don’t know the kind of alcohol you drank oh,but you can’t touch me,” after which, Mercy told Ella to go find a single man and not her’s.

Could all this drama be a strategy??? We are still watching

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