BBNaija 2019 Update – Kim-Oprah Speaks On Death Threat Messages

Last Sunday’s live eviction show, saw Ella and Kim-Oprah leave the reality show and since their departure, they both have had a lot to say in the media which honestly, has been interesting to watch. It is quit easy to tear others down but never easy to fix the damage and Kim-Oprah is in a fix over a comment she made about a fellow housemate, Tacha!

Some days ago, Kim confidently told an interviewer that Ella a fellow evicted housemate, told her that one of the contestant who is still in the show, has either ‘Body or Mouth odour,’ and the housemate is Tacha.. This statement has got a lot of negative reactions from fans of the show and Tasha’s followers who are very supportive of the young lady.. With the death threats coming in numbers, the beauty queen has denied saying so…

Just before the Kim’s denial, Ella reacted to the allegation of being the one that told her such a thing, saying she’s the last person to put another woman down because she knows how it feels being put down. She added that, she was rejected by her father when she was born all because she is not a male child and has always had a disturbing relationship with her father. So! She can’t put another woman down and Kim didn’t hear such statement from her.

Kim who have recently been getting death threats messages, has cried out to the public, pleading with those responsible for such to stop and while doing so, she recounted her statement!! She said;

I don’t know if everybody watched the clip fully or did not.I was asked a question about body odour and I’v had someone say something about body odour before and I wasn’t sure. This is literally just after we got outside the house. It was early in the morning, we had not been given our phones, so I wasn’t sure whether it was something someone else had said in the house or whether it was the housemate that came out that said it.”

She continued; “I just needed everyone to know that I was not aware of the body odour and I don’t know why everybody is on me tagging me for the negative side and forgetting that I said that I was not aware of it.”

She added that; “Please abeg, I am already getting death threats from people and it’s getting too much especially when I didn’t say it. I never said I know Tacha has body odour, I only had something like that.”

She said, she had it from Ella but not really sure sure. “I don’t want to point fingers because I don’t want people to go after any other person.”

As at the initial comment was made, fellow evicted housemate, Isilomo came after Kim who she never really liked and ceased every opportunity to talk down on and never spared a moment to call Kim fake.

Getting death threats is not OK in anyway and an offense punishable by law. With this new change of statement, we do hope she’d stop getting them and be able to go about her life, freely!

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