#BBNaija 2019 Update – Jeff is Fake, Says Isilomo & Avala

Is there something special about Jeff! I guess the two recent ex-housemates, Isilomo & Avala disagrees with this.

One week into the reality show, we already have two new ex-housemates from season 4 and the pair has got a lot to spill, fortunately for you, you get to read all about it here!!.

The journey outside the Big Brother’s house is usually fun when it is still fresh, especially when they grant interviews and talk about what we didn’t get to see, but juicer when they tell us about other housemates on how they feel about them. Avala and Isilomo did not hold back their words when being asked about Jeff.

Pulse NG caught up with the pair after their eviction and had a very interesting conversation with them. The conversation centred on the relationship they had with the other housemates, Isilomo stated that, there few people in the house she didn’t like and the other few, she got along with quit well. She also said, she really did not know if anybody in the house liked her because she wasn’t really paying attention to that.

Avala who couldn’t even try to conceal her feeling, went all out on Jeff. She said, she wasn’t a fan of Jeff because of her believe of him being a pretender, while Isilomo added that, Jeff is a fake guy who had a pretentious way of handling things in the house.

In her (Isilomo) words; I don’t know if anybody really liked me, I wasn’t really paying attention to any of that. For me, I think people that are naturally like me, aggravate and If you don’t , then you don’t and it is fine. But, there were some people in the house that I might have had a tussle with in the first couple of days but it didn’t mean anything to me. It just meant that I just needed to make it known that I didn’t need to be messed with. I think they were all fantastic but I think we were all very aware of the fact that, we were playing in a game.”

Isilomo took it upon herself to explain Jeff’s character in the house which can be summarized as, “not actually taking seriously to what he says”.

She added that,

The patronising things that Jeff says, he is fake amd we know these things and the things he says, we live with him, we know he is a fake ass human being, so all that rubnish, he is just saying that because he got screening time, because we are saying it.” {O sometimes find it difficult to understand what Isilomo is saying}….

Remember she called Kim-Oprah fake on LIVE TV, looks like she’s not taking back her word, as she later added Kim’s name in connection with Jeff, to the conversation.

Jeff and Kim are playing the game, but I just don’t do fake personally. So, if you’re being fake, don’t come and act like we are friends, do the fake thing on your side but don’t come and smile on my face, which is why I’m really irritated by the slapping statement. That is just the kind of things he says, so we can discuss it on pulse.” She said..

Avala who was also present, made it quit clear that, Jeff has a perceived pretentious behavior and blaming him as part of the reason she was evicted from the house.

She said that, “in the house, I didn’t get to know a lot of people but I could say I didn’t like Jeff and I stated that very clearly because of what was going on with our team and he was one of the reasons I was evicted. But I got got along with almost everybody.” She said.

She said, Jeff had every opportunity to help her even when it became obvious she was among those with the lowest amount of coins and Biggie based the nominations on coins, but was rather giving her stories so as not to give her coins to increase her chances in the game.

From all indications, it is quit clear that both ladies hold a grudge against Jeff and have forgotten that this is a competition that will see to it’s end, only one winner and however you play the game, you should put you first before others.

We do wish both ladies well in their chosen line of hustle and hope to continue seeing them as they record their success.

News source – Pulse NG

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