#BBNaija 2019 Update – Jackye Uncovers The Truth On Mercy’s Shape

Mercy has got the shape most people won’t turn off their TV for and she sure knows her to flatter Het curves with her outfits. The second day into the show, she was one housemate who wasn’t shy to take off her clothes and shoe up in her white bikini for the Jacuzzi fun together with everyone

You’re are right to think that, such intimidation will get other female housemates talking, if not to her face, most definitely, behind her. There have been whispers on this same topic in the house. But, who would have thought that Jackye will be concerned about what does not have to do with, “leading her team to building something fantastic,” since that is her speciality.!

Contrary to our believe, she was on a mission to know how the shape really came about. Mercy mentioned earlier on the show that assass was natural but no one actually believed it and have since been trying to get to the truth.

Jackye the tech girl, told Khafi the cop that she attacked Mercy with a straight question on how she achieved the banging body she has instead of beating around the bush on the said question, Mercy confused to her that she had surgery to enhance her shape.

Who would have known Jackye was a gossip?? With the absence of the real world situation, they have got only themselves to hold on to, so anything goes.

That body is truly banging. She did get herself a really good doctor…!

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