BBNaija 2019 Update – “I Will Promise To Try, Maybe Because Of You” Tacha To Mike

Yesterday, the fake evicted housemates returned to the house and it was hugs, laughter, games, dining and lots more rapped in a reunion.

Seyi and Tacha returned in a grand style yesterday and we couldn’t help but notice, how disappointed some of the other housemates were. Mercy made it quite obvious that she didn’t want this…….Could it be because of Tacha? She made it quite clear in her discussion to Diane that she likes Tacha but not comfortable that she hangs around Mike……You can imagine what she was thinking, seeing her back!

In all excitement and mixed feelings, they treated their guests/returnees to a delicious meal and read letters to one another. Mike stood up to address the elephant in the room expressing his true feelings about seeing Tacha’s return to the house.

First, he started by saying all sorts of lovely things about Seyi, after which, he turned over to Tacha. He told her openly that, he was particularly happy when she left and the house became lively while she was gone. Because she brings a lot of negative energy. Still, on his feet addressing the situation, Tacha said to him, she’s will be in the house till the last day, so he should get used to her! He continued, ignoring her interruption, he added that, hope the little break she had will make her humble, now that she is back.?

They all ate and later played games when done, Mike and Tacha went outside to have a conversation and Mike was open to Tacha and didn’t hide a thing.

He told Tacha that, he was told by someone in the house, that whatever she does to him or anyone in the house, makes her trend on social media and he thinks that is the reason she’s the way she is in the house!!.

Tacha denied such comment and made it clear that it is not true in any way. In a bid to clear Mike’s perception about her, she became teary and told him that, she’s who she is not because she wants to trend but that who she, “I will promise to try, maybe because of him, not because of anyone else”. She said!

See the video below!

She had earlier revealed to Seyi earlier that, win or not, she will be bigger than the winner!! How she intends to make it happen, is unknown to us…

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