BBNaija 2019 Update – “I Will Humble You, ” Frodd Says To Omashola

Every day comes with its own trouble and in Biggie’s house, the fight amongst housemates is usually about food. Omashola was in the mix of the food situation today!

The drama started when Omashola needed some eyes to make breakfast for himself but to his surprise, he found none as some of the housemates have kept it hidden away.

This got Omashola angry, he raised his voice at the housemates for the act but Esther got mixed up in the saga when she told Omashola to go get something else to eat.

Omashola yelled at Esther over the statement she made and in Esther’s defence, Frodd came into the picture. He told Omashola to stop shouting and find himself something else to eat. He didn’t stop there;

“At age 38, you are not mature, be shouting up and down and fighting for an egg. I will humble you.”

Omashola was infuriated about the statement made by Frodd, and he yelled back at Frodd.

“Frodd, Esther, all of you hiding eggs have poverty mentality. They hide food in this house and it is not good. Frodd, bring out the food make housemates chop am.”

“The crate of egg was there last night, this morning I didn’t see any egg, all of a sudden they were bringing eggs from different places to cook personally. Esther brought hers out and I asked her to give me and she ignored me.”

Is this a payback from Frodd to Omashola who disrespected him when he was head of house or, he was just defending Esther to remain in her good books?

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