BBNaija 2019 Update – I Was Jealous Seeing Mercy And Tuoyo Dance In A Seductive Way, Says Ike

The last Saturday’s night Party Mercy & Tuoyo’s dance is still playing out on Ike’s mind as that topic comes up at any given opportunity.

Yesterday, while Mercy and Diane were both having a conversation, Diane brought up what transpired between the above-named parties, and how she made Ike jealous. Diane went further to explain to Mercy that even though it was normal for a woman to get their men jealous, she did take too far because of the kind of position she was in with Tuoyo——Why the sudden defence of Ike’s honour, though you didn’t want anything to do with Tuoyo? The relationship circle is a bit confusing in the house!

Ike later joined the conversation where he revealed in an unserious manner, how jealous he was, seeing how Mercy confidently danced with Tuoyo in a rather seductive manner, yep Saturday’s in a row. Diane later asked him what exactly got him jealous? He responded, saying Mercy’s decision to go dance with Tuoyo made him jealous.

Mercy told Diane how it makes her happy she likes to make Ike Jealous and enjoys watching his reactions. So what happens now that Tuoyo has been evicted?

I guess Mercy wasn’t convincing enough because Ike didn’t seem satisfied with her explanation of the dance issue that escalated so quickly on Saturday night that had both parties sleep separately. They were given a task by Big Brother to act like him and take turns in asking themselves questions like he would in the diary room.

When it was Mercy and Ike’s turn, the above question came up again and this time, I hope Ike is convinced. Ike asked his lover Mercy, why the decision to go dance with Tuoyo when he was right there. She responded saying, she didn’t even see Tuoyo in a romantic way but rather, a really good dance partner and since they had an almost similar job which is a Vixen and stripper relationship, she felt comfortable dancing with him.

In her words; “he’s a stripper, I am a vixen that’s what we do! We don’t sit around in the club, we don’t care if others are there. We stand and make the place lit because people want to sit around, checking who is dancing and who is not, but we don’t do that!”

Is Tuoyo still a threat to this gangster love affair if while he’s gone???

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