BBNaija 2019 Update – I Smell Like Candy; Mercy Says To Ike

The pair have been enjoying each other’s company and the little misunderstanding they both had last week Saturday, has made them closer than before. Ike has since then said truly how he feels about Mercy whenever there’s an opportunity to do so.

They practically do everything together and their ship is obviously sailing well and fast too. She has been helping Ike do certain stuff like laundry while they engage in a conversation. She told him that she came to the house with more than enough clothes to wear.

In her words;

With the clothes, I came with, I can wear until the end of this game without washing and repeat. But I don’t want to have dirty clothes and I don’t smell too, I smell like Candy.

Their relationship in the house has gained a lot of fans for them, as most of the fans are rooting for the relationship to be true even when the game is over! While this ship looks good, Mercy told Diane that she feels jealous whenever Ike is talking to Tacha. She added that she’s the jealous type and never comfortable with Ike talking to Tacha.

What then will she do when she finally get to realize that, Tacha is not completely out of the show?

While Mercy is busy saying she came to the house with more than enough clothes, Tacha as at last week, made a revelation that got mixed reactions over not bringing a lot of clothes to the house due to the orientation she was given, that they will be provided with clothes within the duration of their stay!!

How shocked do you think the housemates will be when Seyi and Tacha come out of the secret room and get back to the main house?

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