BBNaija 2019 Update – “I Saw Tacha As A Threat And A Big Challenge But Not Anymore”, Says Venita

Venita during her diary session this evening, bare it will out about herself and Tacha’s friendship after she had earlier complained to Seyi to talk to Tacha to stop feeling like everyone was against her!

She told Biggie that, Tacha was a bit intimidating because she saw her as a threat and a big challenge but she has had the time to change her mind after seeing how relateable Tacha could be!

Tacha who is known for attacking others at the slightest provocation might have made a new impression in the eyes of the new housemate even after they had a brief issue before. Venita also added that Tacha was a bit intimidating because she wastes no time in attacking others even when it’s not worth stressing about.

She said she saw Tacha as rude, very aggressive and a mean person who doesn’t regard anyone in the house irrespective of who you are, and that is a complete turn off to her, but she’s beginning to see a different side of Tacha lately which didn’t happen until she decided to get closer to Tacha by either greeting or talking to her without a care in the world if she’d answer her or not. Surprisingly, Tacha has been receptive to her and she’s loving the new Tacha!!

Going further, Venita said she came to the conclusion that Tacha must probably be going through a lot of stuff which is why she reacts to people the way she does and acts all mean and bitter.

“I see she’s hurt and is probably going through a lot right now. People that bite the hardest have the most love to give and that is the kind of person Tacha is,” she said.

Tacha, during her dairy session, confirmed to Biggie that she’s relating more with others than she ever thought she would and that is a plus to her…this confirm’s Venita’s observation!

Venita might be gaining a friendship in Tacha but she’s at the verge of losing another, Frodd. The situation between the two has taken a different turn as Venita couldn’t hide her jealous feelings when Esther and Frodd were both having a conversation which took Frodd’s time in going to her(Venita) when she asked to speak with him!

Although, Frodd has apologised to her and she said it was ok, but she’s not quite convincing with her response…is this a sinking ship even when it is yet to start??

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