BBNaija 2019 Update – I Lost All My Money To MMM – Gedoni

Since the day the housemates entered into the big brother house, there have been little fights here and there especially, over avoidable issues.

The one thing that has kept them close is , coming together to have a bonding time, and during this time,in most cases, housemates share their personal life experiences with one another.

As seen in the case of Frodd, who recalled her hard it was for him at work,, from his landlady and his audition process that finally saw him here. He was quit emotional after the narration.

31-year-old Gedoni also brought the housemates up to speed on the rough patches of his life and how depressing it was for him, although , sharing the experience makes the process easier.

The fashion designer revealed that, at a certain point in his life, he lost all his money to the popular ponzi scheme called MMM(Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox).

In his words, he said;

“I got into depression sometime ago after I lost all my money to MMM. I had to sleep under my friend’s staircase for more than a year.”

But, I later found solace in going to church and I later became the sound guy for the church.”

Gedoni isn’t in anyway far from the truth, as that ponzi scheme was the cause of death for its many participants following the total shut down with many unable to recover their money.

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