BBNaija 2019 Update – Hunger Strike In The Big Brother House And New Housemates Left Confused

Thursday this week, the housemates did a drama presentation re-enacting how a love story was like in the 50s and their performance determines their loss or win!

They came out in their numbers into the arena specially prepared for them by Bet9ja to give their best…it was surely a time where you can tell who has a future in Nollywood or not!

The show came to a close and housemates were judged according to groups which saw Tacha’s group as the winner, and individually, others were scored too…

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While biggie called out several winners, they believed they had won their wager but unknown to them that biggie was far from done as he told them that, they would find out if they won or not the next day which will be depended on how well they can re-enact the 50s. Such as preparing local delicacies without the use of gas cookers, the use of wrapper as their only piece of clothing for the day…All was provided for, courtesy of Big brother.

The House was a bit chaotic yesterday and just before the arena games, the head of the house, Frodd was handed a paper containing how the upcoming week will be in terms of feeding!

He read out loud and the big reveal came! Housemates lost their wager…how did it happen, how were they judged? Are all questions I still haven’t gotten an answer to!

Now, they have to manage what they have or embark on a hunger strike. The new housemates were brought up to speed on how it is done so they can all learn how to save food too.

What are you drinking tonight? While I await your response, I will tell you what the Big Brother Naija Season 4 housemates will be drinking…Legend Extra Stout!! Another Saturday to party with them and the amazing Dj Sose.

It will be DJ Sose takeover time from 9 PM to 11 PM…I am looking out for the new additional housemates. Who are you looking out for??

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