BBNaija 2019 Update – Gedoni Is All Over Me, Venita

The day has been interesting so far and the housemates finally got busy ahead of their Thursday’s wager presentation.

Biggie gave the housemates a task of recycling, healthy relationship talks amidst other things to prepare for ahead of their Thursday’s wager presentation and each team member have to be individually involved in it, so the housemates are all busy raking their brains around the task so as to emerge the winner as their food supplies depends on it.

The day started with the introduction of a yoga instructor and henceforth, yoga has been made compulsory for the housemates to partake in. When it was time for exercise, the housemates went into the arena but Frodd and Esther remained in bed. As at the time they came out, the arena door was already closed against them, after sitting there for a while, both housemates went into the kitchen to wash dishes, on sighting them, the other housemates mocked the couple for their inability to make the yoga class.

As time went by, they got into their various groups to work on their ideas for their presentation. So, the housemates all got busy.

Mercy vented to Venita on the new rules about nominations. She said her preference remains the individual nomination that they were doing before biggie introduced the group as their fate now relies on one another!

Venita later went into the kitchen to make something for herself and Gedoni was right there, when done, he gave Venita a warm embrace but she seemed quite uncomfortable with the show of affection and remained him that Biggie sees everything, she added that what will be his response to Khafi when she plays back all the clips to see Gedoni’s hug and the special kind of peck he gives to only her?

It sounded like a joke, but she took a step further when she reported the scene to Sir Dee to warn his friend Gedoni to stop doing that as she’s no longer comfortable. Unfortunately for Frodd, he gave his 2cent to the matter at hand when he commented: “I am happy for you!” Venita responded, “You’re very stupid, I’m happy for you, let’s see what Nelson will do when we get outside.”… That is to say, Esther might finally abandon Frodd to reconcile with Nelson while Frodd is left without either of the ladies!

Do you think Venita is just acting due to how she encouraged the situation with Gedoni earlier in the week or she finally yielded to Elozonam ‘s advice?

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