BBNaija 2019 Update – Frodd vs Esther

For the first time after the Saturday Night Party, there was no fight, quarrels or war of words and you’d almost think, the day will end without drama but that isn’t the case!

Shocking to say that Frodd is in the news for terribly wrong reasons as his recent behaviour has caused social media stare.

After all the parties, they all went to bed and as usual, Frodd went to sleep on Esther’s bed, but this time, it was a different action we saw which has been interpreted by several individuals to mean different things.

Frodd was seen touching Esther but wanted to take it a bit further thinking Esther might agree to it but she kept saying “No” several times but Frodd kept up with it until Esther left the bed for him then Biggie called Frodd into the diary room which was revealed in the morning that it as a warning from Biggie not to continue with such acts and such acts attracts automatic disqualification…It is not certain at this time if Big Brother will either disqualify him or issue him a strike! But he has been warned.

Esther went over to his bed to know what Biggie told him and reassured him that, since Biggie hasn’t called her for questioning which she’s prepared to say “they were just playing”, then, he is going nowhere.

Well, that is reassuring but we will find out more from the Host of the show, Ebuka during Eviction.

In other news, Mercy stripped to her under pant during the party.

What do you think of this act from Frodd??

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