BBNaija 2019 Update – Eviction Twist

Every Monday in the Big Brother House is always eventful. Game to be played for the head of the house and nominations later for possible eviction on Sunday but today took a different turn!

The week’s nominations depend on how well the housemates do in their various teams.

The housemates were divided into groups according to the colour of armband picked by them…Biggie asked the housemates to go into the arena as there won’t be nominations today, they all converged at the arena to get a surprise from biggie.

The house will henceforth be divided into groups and they are meant to do everything together in the house because their nomination depends on it and if a particular team loses, they will all be put up on possible eviction for that week!…well, let’s see how it goes

After they had picked one armband from each drum contained with red and green armbands, they were asked to wear it and join the others with the same colour as theirs!

The Cruisetopia…Green armbands

This new twist means all the housemates will play all the Big Brother Naija games in their various groups and can’t change groups and team challenges will be designed to reward the winning team and punish the losing team. They will no longer have the usual nomination process rather, they will be having nomination challenges and the losing team of the nomination challenge will have all the team members up for possible eviction and wager task and winners will have supplies for the week and losing team will have nothing.

The Icons…Red armbands

Henceforth, they have each other to depend on…Will they be able to stay peaceful in their teams, well, let’s see.

They have their first task already given to them by Biggie. Each of them was given an egg to take care of as if it was a baby, keep an eye out for it and ensure it doesn’t break or get stolen.

The game just got better, spicier and tougher!!!

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