#BBNaija 2019 Update – Eviction Drama

From what we have seen from previous seasons of the show, Biggie usually gives the housemates a two weeks stay to know themselves enough, before proper eviction can happen.

There have been cases of fake eviction,where the housemate who was evicted leaves the house the usual way, gives it sometime for the others to process it and later, let back in again. Also, replacements has happened on other editions before which really do threatens’ the other housemates and later get revealed that it was only to spice things up. But, biggie just turned up the heat and this might be for real!

With the announcement from Biggie yesterday on the Possible Eviction likely to happen tomorrow, Sunday….The housemates have been a little bit thrown off balance as nothing else matters to them at this time. With the introduction of Bet9ja coins, it could be a way for the housemates to use it and know the worth of what they have.

The #Pepperdemgang housemates are all about securing their spots in the house because the housemate with the lowest Bet9ja coins is likely to go home tomorrow. Well, Biggie needs to know those who are willing to take the game serious!

In other to boost their chances , the HOH, Jeff who has 500 Bet9ja coins, has now offered to donate 200 coins out of it to the housemate with the least Bet9ja coins…..That is a good leader looking out for his fellow housemates, but it’d be smart to remember that they are all fighting for 60Million both in cash and goodies..

This eviction saga birthed other issues that happened in the house with every housemate trying to think properly and not wanting to leave so soon… I mean; Diane has shown a little angry side of herself and later found solace in the strong well built arms of Tuoyo the part time stripper, while Tacha vented on why Jeff won’t want the ladies to be team leaders so they don’t appear weak to the viewers.

Ella and Kim-Oprah were also brainstorming on various ways to increase their chances on saving themselves from possible eviction. What if this is the twist we are yet to be made aware off? Or is does Big Brother think we are inside the house with them?

This seems to be the only thing they are occupied with as non is ready to go home yet, and even the thought of what they will be wearing for the tonight’s house party is not exciting enough.

We sha want to see the host, Ebuka’s swag tomorrow!! Who wouldn’t??

The party doors will be open today for the housemates to have their first Saturday Night Party with the guest DJ {Super Star DJ Xclusive}. I have been waiting for this day since the launch of this season. Seeing how they partied with Burna Boy on stage sent a message that Saturday night parties will be amazing!

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