#BBNaija 2019 Update – Esther And Thelma Fight Over Her Referring To People With Down Syndrome as “Imbecile”

With the gathering of ladies even in an attempt to have a decent and sincere conversation, there’s bound to be an outburst. And the #Pepperdemgangladies sure do have enough pepper to go around.

Esther who have been trying so hard to stay off the drama that seems to be on the rise in the Big Brother’s house, was at the centre of the drama today, in an attempt to correct Thelma over a comment she made calling people with ‘Down Syndrome’, imbeciles!!!

The conversation started when two housemates started discussing generally, about people affected with “Down Syndrome” and along the line, Thelma stated that; “those affected with Down Syndrome are imbeciles.”

Down Syndrome [DS or DNS] which is also known as Trisony 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the pressure of all or part of the third copy of the Chromosome 21. It can be associated with physical growth delay, mild to moderate intellectual disability and the characteristics of facial features.

With the knowledge of what Esther had about the above named disorder, tried to correct Thelma who wasn’t in anyway interested in the correction while Esther continued to prove her point, this led to a heated argument that almost developed into a fight if not for the timely intervention of other housemates, it would have turned horrible for both housemates when settled, because they could each be given a strike.

A ‘strike’ is a strong warning given to housemates from Big Brother. If it ever gets to three(3), such housemate will be evicted automatically from the show. In other news, Omashola and Ike have each been given a strike efor the Saturday outburst, and threatening the safety of other housemates.

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